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  • I have a sister who was suffering from alopecia. As a result her eyebrows were completely gone. She was now reduced to drawing them on everyday. Sometimes they would be uneven or too thin when she drew them on. I decided to look into eyebrow tattoos as an answer to the problem. I looked around and found Giaos website. I read some great reviews but I was a little skeptical because my sister is African American. I wasn’t sure how well the treatment would come out. Giao scheduled a consultation with us and we felt comfortable going forward. She told us it would take 2 sessions. The first session Giao assured us that the eyebrows would look good, but after the healing process, she would need to fill in the rest to complete the process. Because my sister didn’t have any eyebrows at all, Giao had to draw out a template. She took her time and re-did it several times before we all 3 agreed which shape best suited her face. Giao was so patient and accommodating. We both felt that the first treatment looked good, but we were still kind of skeptical that the brows were a little lighter than we liked. But after 8 weeks, we came back (yesterday) for the 2nd session, and when my sister came out of the room…she had the BIGGEST smile on her face, and so did I!! It came out better than we expected. The eyebrows look exactly like real hair and more importantly, it brought the biggest smile back on my sisters face. She once again has eyebrows (and she doesn’t have to draw them on anymore)!! I HIGHLY recommend Giao and especially if you have darker skin, she really knows what she’s doing!! Thanks again Giao.

    Alicia O.
    Giao was so patient and accommodating.
  • This review is one of the most meaningful reviews I have had the opportunity to write and it is all because of Giao Nguyen! I have always been insecure about having to draw in my eyebrows, and it has been used as a topic for ridicule or bullying by others as long as I can recall. I started looking into permanent makeup as an option a few years ago but never liked the way the tattoo looked so I forgot about it until people started talking about embroidery. Eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent pigment that’s pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing hair (if there is any, that is) and create bolder, natural-looking brows. This requires no tattoo gun, no ink, and no bleeding or downtime — in fact, it looks best when a pro does it by hand. I loved the examples I saw online and I started researching professionals who did this procedure. I started calling around and I was blown away by how dramatically different the quotes were. Some quoted $1500+ and others $100 but I did not feel I was treated well by any of them and started to think that maybe this just wasn’t meant to be. I reached out to a friend of mine who is a well respected make up artist thinking maybe she would have some leads on someone and she mentioned Giao. I looked up her work and contacted her immediately. From our first interaction to our last I was so impressed by her. I honestly cant praise her enough. She is professional, kind, skilled, patient, meticulous, honest, respectful, gentle, pleasant to be around, calm, dependable, and one of the most exceptional people I have ever done business with. Getting this procedure done is stressful and takes a lot of trust and courage and she exceeded every single one of my expectations in every way possible. Giao changed my life and I can’t thank her enough for such an amazingly beautiful job on my brows.
    You are an eyebrow angel and one of the best Artists I have ever known!!
    Thanks Giao!!!

    Heather L.
    The most meaningful reviews I have had the opportunity to write
  • In a few words, Giao’s work is stunning.

    In the blink of an eye, she knows how to best enhance the features of the bride she works with, while keeping both ears open to accommodate their requests.
    Her knowledge and practice of photography enables her to focus on the right details and deliver a picture-perfect work.
    To top it all, Giao is a funny, kind and very generous soul. She is dedicated and committed to the end result: the full satisfaction of her customers through the most pleasurable experience, including reasonable pricing.

    In addition to my beautiful wife, I was able to witness her work on other brides and guests, making it a testimony of the consistency of her achievements.

    Highly Recommended. Thank you Giao!

    Bruno P.
    Giao's work is stunning.
  • I’ve known Giao for a few years as a MUA — she has done bridal makeup for many of my friends and family with amazing results and professionalism. When I heard she was starting to do permanent makeup and brow tattoo/embroidery I was so excited! I’ve been wanting to have it done for a while now, but I didn’t feel comfortable with other people like I do with Giao. Giao has a wonderful sense for what looks right for each of her clients’ faces, and she is a great person to give you her honest and expert opinion.

    We traded a few emails to setup my brow tattoo appointment, and she was very accommodating to my schedule. She began by asking me what “look” I prefer (natural, dramatic, arch, etc) as well as my general brow and makeup routine. She then took measurements on my face and did some outlining to show me what areas would benefit from the brow embroidery to fill in gaps and even out my brows. Then she applied numbing cream and began the process of the actual brow tattoo/embroidery (using the coloring we agreed suited my brows the best).

    Throughout the session Giao made sure to keep checking on me in case I felt any discomfort — for me the process was not painful at all. After she was done she provided instructions on how to care for my brows over the following week for the best results. About 6-8 weeks later, I came back for my touch-up appointment and Giao made sure the few small areas that hadn’t adopted the ink were redone to be more even. Now my brows have the look I want even if I don’t have any makeup on at all.

    My mom came with me during the touch-up appointment because she was curious about the process, and she ended up booking an appointment for herself!

    Sandria T.
    Giao has a wonderful sense for what looks right
  • I love Giao! I can’t say enough good things about her. She is the best! 🙂 I am an out of town client and she really worked with my schedule. You won’t find a sweeter, more professional eyebrow artist! I immediately could tell she was not just very talented but caring and booked her for my wedding makeup + hair even though I’m out of state. I love my eyebrows + I will post pictures of my wedding photos in the future to show both eyebrows + her makeup/hair.

    Melody M.
    You won't find a sweeter, more professional eyebrow artist!
  • Once upon a time I used to have nice natural eyebrows. But that damn eyebrow plucker messed them up! Fast forward to 15+ years later I found Giao via a Facebook post from a wonderful makeup artist (Maria Chang of PMA) and at that moment I knew Giao must be really good at eyebrow embroidery to earn the support of Maria. So I decided to give her a try with my eyebrows and I was not disappointed.

    My first session with Giao was in March 2016 and I had a follow up with her in July 2016. The process was not painful to me at all. A little annoying though from the scratching sound of the blade but well worth any discomfort. To this day, my eyebrows still look great and I know that with time they will fade but I will go back to Giao for touch up once needed as I know there is no one that I will trust to do my eyebrows better.

    If you are looking for a good eyebrow embroidery artist, give Giao a try. You will not be disappointed as she is great at what she does. I highly recommend her!

    Lulu I.
    If you are looking for a good eyebrow embroidery artist, give Giao a try.
  • When I first heard of eyebrow embroidery I was both very interested in how natural people’s eyebrows looked after the procedure and skeptical because of the potential cost/random rare side effects/and pain. I found Giao on Instagram during my long search for someone local who could do eyebrow embroidery. I initially reached out to Giao early in the year to make an appointment but wasn’t actually ready to go through with it until my upcoming summer trip to Mexico. I decided to go to Giao because of what other people wrote on their Yelp reviews as well as her ever increasing portfolio of embroidered brows on her Instagram. I was very nervous of how it would turn out, the healing process, and how long the embroidery would last but Giao was very informative and helpful throughout the entire process.

    I’m very appreciative that she was able to fit me in at a time that was convenient for me. The actual procedure from start to finish took about 2-2.5 hours. First Giao worked with me to draw in the shape of the eyebrows that would be best suited for me. Once we were in agreement, she took me to the back room where she first numbed my skin (waited 20 minutes) and then began micro-blading. On a scale of 1-10 the pain level was about a 3-5. I could hear the blade as she was working and knew where it was cutting into, but for the most part I could not feel it. After it was done, it looked great! However, I have to admit I felt like some parts were initially uneven and too dark but she assured me that it was the swelling of the brows and that over the next several days it would become darker (which it did!) because of the scabbing. She went over the after-care process with me, which includes not getting the brows wet, no working out, and only sleeping on my back for 10 days. In the end, the first session left my brows looking very good and alleviated the time it took for me to fill in my brows in the morning.

    Giao also provides a complimentary touch up after 6-8 weeks of the initial appointment. We were both very pleased with how my brows turned out after the first session. She said that my skin took the pigment very well. During the touch up she helped me to darken some of the brow and to fill in some spots that had faded from the initial session. The second time around, I definitely felt the blade more, especially on the left brow – but do not worry guys; If I can handle the pain you definitely can too!

    Thanks Giao for everything, I’m so happy with how my brows turned out!

    Michelle C.
    Thanks Giao for everything, I'm so happy with how my brows turned out!
  • I’ve had my brows tattoo’d twice already. The first time was ten years ago using the traditional method of just an electrical tattoo instrument and it looks thin and fake. Lucky for me they faded off so I decided to re-tattoo them.
    The second time I had it done was by a makeup artist who was just learning embroidery tattoo. Big mistake. My brows came out crooked and turned a reddish gray color. A lot of people pointed out that my brows were lopsided and I was freaking out trying to see if I should laser remove them.
    Finally they have faded somewhat but still need makeup for me to go out which defeats getting them tattoo.
    Giao has fixed my brow color and shape. It’s not perfect but that’s why we have a second session to even it out.
    Giao is a true professional and amazingly talented artist. She listens to your needs, mine was not too thick and explains everything as she goes! She told me without going thicker they won’t be 100% even and I was okay but she came pretty darn close.
    My biggest concern was my inner brows which start at different heights so she spent time focusing on what really bothered me. I have about a hair stroke or two on my second session to get there without going too much thicker. She really understood how my previous tattoo made me feel uncomfortable and I almost cried when I saw what a wonderful job she did.
    She showed me during the process and kept asking me how it looked to make sure I loved everything. She made her I was comfortable and asked if I needed more numbing cream or a break. The best part is that she doesn’t rush because she is a perfectionist. She measures, re measures and checks everything.
    Book early as she is super hard to get an appointment with. Show up on time and write her a nice review because she deserves it! Your eyebrows will be on point permanently, how awesome is that?

    Jen C.
    The best part is that she doesn't rush because she is a perfectionist.
  • I consider myself super lucky to have found Giao. She is a true artist, very skilled with her hands, her eye for detail and balance, and knowledge that she possess gives her the power to transform faces. All this comes from experience working in the beauty industry where she has excelled at and continue to. One day she might quit micro-blading and move onto better things like tattooing the areola for Breast cancer survivors.

    Onto my eyebrows. I’ve had them tattooed 3 times prior to Giao. First time super thin (hey that was the trend). The second time it was done badly, they were darker, and longer. Yes, I had to live with the angry look for years. Third time a different lady tried to fix and she did the best she could. I had 3 diff types of ink on my brows. I needed major correction. I’ve heard of micro-blading but was super scared. Thank god one of my gf found her through extensive research for about a year. And that’s how I met her. She worked her magic on me and I couldn’t be happier! I actually felt pretty. That is huge coming from a Tom-boy lol. However…… just because I found her and got the procedure done didn’t mean I was done. Why?????

    Well the healing process is a separate entity. The fact that it’s on top of your face makes it very hard! That’s why it’s so so crucial to let it properly heal. 10 days to let it dry and peel off. That’s how long it takes for this semi-permanent ink to settle in. Thank god my skin took the color well bc they don’t all do! Not getting it wet, no sweating, no working out , no sun, and carefully sleeping so it doesn’t get scratched off by accident. Pretty much not going out with these beautiful brows ha! Whew!!! I had to do that twice since it’s almost the same process with the touch up! That was probably the hardest part. Just like how breastfeeding is to having a baby. So prepare for all these things if you are truly serious about your brows and not the cost. It is very very rewarding as it will change your life.

    Lily M.
    I consider myself super lucky to have found Giao.